Before going straight to the names and address, please consider doing the following the next time they call you... The moment you answer the call, begin recording it and tell the caller RIGHT AWAY that you will be recording the conversation. The trick is to have your own voice at the BEGINNING of the recording saying that you are recording the conversation.

After you inform them of this, repeat the caller's name to clarify, while recording, who you are speaking with and again state that you have made them aware that they are being recorded. If you are being called at your work place, and want them to cease calling you there, tell them immediately. I would then inform them that the only future communication I will accept from them or any of their agents or affiliates must be in writing. In addition I would demand that immediately cease all contact your employers, relatives, or friends for any collection practices that relate to you.

If you want questions answered, ask your questions while they know they are being recorded. For instance: What is the reason for your call? What is the date of the alleged debt? Who is the original lender? What is your internal reference number? Are you an attorney? If you are not an attorney, who legally represents your company? I understand that you are demanding that I pay you $_______ by 12:00 pm (or whatever time you were told) today, is that correct? Are you familiar with FDC Rules and regulations?

So, now you have notified them that you are recording the call, and you have told them to never again contact you, your employer, relatives, or friends by telephone. If they attempt any ofthose forms of contact again, you have the right to pursue this matter legally through an attorney familiar Fair Debt Collection Rules and Regulations, and you have recorded evidence that may aid you in a suit against them.

Also, if you do have an attorney, you have the right to inform the caller that they are NOT to speak with you and should direct ALL calls to your attorney only.

But, I would take it one step further, and send them a cease and desist letter (you can find them all over the place online) and I would mail it Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.

Now, I don't claim to know every state's laws, so it would beneficial to look into the Fair Debt Laws to confirm what I have typed, to be sure this information is helpful to you.

So, that said, I did my own homework and found another posting which I have copied and pasted below.

Hope this helps.

This Company information was posted in September 15, 2008 on a website named callferret, by a poster named Derrick (Disgruntled former employee perhaps? Or maybe a very resourceful person)

Mediation Group, a/k/a

Legal Mediation Practices, Inc.

1919 Blanding Blvd Suite 4,

Jacksonville, Florida 32210

Ph: 904-387-3187 or 800-201-0565

866-601-0822 904-493-6980

The owner is:

President Donavin Warren, aka/Bill Roth

1834 Wild Dunes Circle

Orange Park, FL 32065

Steven C. Pair, Vice Pres,aka/Richard Steele

9323 Bearsford Court

Jacksonville, FL 32244


Terry Gallivan aka/Terry Flynn

Tim LaFramboise aka/Tim Payne

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Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1271724

Thank you so much for posting this advise. I just received a call today for the first time from this agency. I have printed out this post so that I wlll be prepared.


Is this address current? I am receiving numerous harassing calls regarding an alleged debt and intend to send a cease and desist letter.

Tried doing research on this company to no avail. Please let me know if this address for this company is still current.

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