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These people are very rude!!! They cussed me out said that if I don't have the money by 12 noon today that I would find out the hard way about them and they would press charges.

I called againg to find out why they were being so rude to me and Todd Ellis the managaer kept hanging up in my face. His employee Michael Davis was no better. I don't understand why you cannont make payments on a debt. They just called me yesterday expecting me to have the money by today.

THAT IS NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!!!!! After reading all of blogs on this company I am afraid that if I send the money where will it really be going to? These people are a scam!!! Just look at their place of business.

It looks like they set up shop in someone's house. I thought law firms were in office buildings...

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Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland #23690

:( These people are rude. Jim King was being very rude.

I work nights and he called early one morning looking for a family member. He stated to me that I needed to be up because it was time to get up.

When I called back, he asked me if I would sleep better for calling back. Then he hung up on me.

Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia #22033

these people just called me too! they threatened me saying that i was going to learn the hard way and to call my attorney.

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