Legal Mediation Practice called at 8:34 on 5/09/2008. They claimed that they were calling about a bounced check and that if I didn't pay them by noon that they were going to have me arrested.

The check that they are referring to was a payday advance. They said that not paying it was fraud. I then proceeded to call my friend that attorney and he said that they were in violation of the FCRA as well as a couple other laws. I then called them back to ask if they were trying to collect a debt they then hung up on me twice.

The third time I got through and the supervisor got flustered and asked if I believed everything I read on the internet and then started yelling. He then hung up this company is filled with liars.


Monetary Loss: $519.

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I had a lady call me about an attempt to buy a home for the first time and found that she had been harrassed by a payday loan company alledging she owed them. Either pay up or go to jail.

I contacted a lawyer for her via internet and I am filing a claim with FDCPA stating that they can't call you falsely stating you have committed a crime that is illegal.

Call a lawyer everyone in this situation and let the company pay you $$$$. Turn the tables and you can get paid just make sure you save any voicemail messages they have sent threatening you.


im recieve a call that someone is coming to my house and pick me up and take me inand serve papers.

so to answer all our questions there is nothing we can do becvause they arew the creditors and are ab;e to do anything they want. so all i can do is sit at the door waiting for the police to show up over a payday loan default cause ot dooes not fall under the FCRA


Kimberly Dawson worked for Countrywide Home Loans Servicing L.P. and now for BAC Home Loans Servicing L.P.

They will forclose on you and say they own the note but BAC is a servicer (they sell all their loans).

Get MERS record and you will see that they sold your loan. Fight your foreclosure right and you will win.


Hi, Have same problem , receive a call today @5:27pm 10/20/08 cst to pay this debt i owed ACE Cash Express or i will be arrested by 8:00 am tomorrow at my Job or at home.

I told them that i am on disability for high risk pregnancy and trying to return to work just to pay my debt , they say that they don't care that will be an example for ACE loan company for writting a bad Check.

Would you please give me some advices ??? I can't afford an attorney at this moment.


Local phone # for them as listed on my caller ID is 904-201-0565, same 800 number as reporter earlier in these posts.

Anywho, I spoke initially w/ a Ms. Kimberly Dawson (xt 270), who had left a brief but 'doom-and gloomy' voicemail earlier in the day. Ms Dawson was anything but polite and hung up on me twice in mid sentence. All I was asking them was what their company did and why they needed (presumably) me, and she was excessively rude. Third call back, at my request she transferred me to a Supe (Todd, no last name given). Todd was briefly helpful for about 35 seconds until he eventually hung up on me.

Keep in mind, I've become rather proficient at using the laws of the land to protect myself on one hand, and jab back repeatedly with the other (those sneaky, classless b@stards). Having gone thru this and other collection attempts in the past 18 months or so, I can assure you all this:


So at any rate, I decided that my best option is to keep calling these rude a$$es and have 3 Q's answered:

1) Who this company is

2) What is their area of expertise, ie. what is the company's function

3) How this relates to me

Using #3 as a launching point against me, Todd quickly blasted me saying since I cannot provide my personal info and confirm who I was to them, then they cannot LEGALLY tell me anything! I inform him, that he cannot retain the info I request b/c LEGALLY i am entitled under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the laws governing Consumer Credit. Todd scoffs at me, asking if Im some sort of lawyer. To which I reply, "Im sorry, i cannot LEGALLY answer that question". This prompts another 'CLICK'.

I called them back again, optioned straight for the operator (Brad, I think), and at the beginning said I was just talking with Todd and he had rudely hung up on me. Brad says "Well then so will I", and sure enuff he does.


At this point I KNOW i've got them off their balance, and so repeatedly call them back demanding answers to my questions and they wind up threatening me again with HARASSMENT!!!

The best part is, they KNOW they cannot legally do anything...and when confronting their bully tactics they change their tune


If anyone's interested, I have a wonderful legal-filled letter for those harassing you at work, please drop me a line :)



I received a call 10/3/08 at work today with a threat that I would be arrested at 3pm today if I did not pay my payday loan back immediatly in full. Guy was nice but very forecefull and wanted me to pay this today.

I asked for documents, etc and he could not provide them to me. I explained that I needed more information and that I would not just pay you my money without knowing who you are.

He got upset and aid, you either pay or you go to jail and be embarressed infront of oyur coworkers and family. What does one do in this situation?


I received a call from a Jim Clark as well, and he threatened the same thing. I was told by an attorney to call him back and ask for the documentation that he would use to file and press charges, well he said said he didn't have any of that information...

so exactly how are you going to press charges...idoits!! I'm seeking legal advice.

Dover, North Carolina, United States #26618

I have been contacted by Jim King as well. He is a fraud.

I have checked with all local law enforcement and everything he says is a lie. (i.e.: I would be arrested or that the police would be at my place of employment to arrest me that evening.) Do not talk to him, call an attorney and be advised of your rights, and whatever you do, DONT send them any money!!!

Khorramabad, Lorestan, Iran #22979

i also received a call to my work this morning and they left me a voice mail, they sounded very rude. The good think is that i have caller id and i got their local number in my caller id. I logged in into this website that you can do a reverse look up and this is what i got.

Legal Mediation Practices

1919 Blanding Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32210


Tully, New York, United States #22225

I just had this same thing happen to me. Payday loan which I thought was paid off back in November.

I had until 3 pm to pay or a warrant would be issued for my arrest. Guy went so far as to tell me that he didn't know me from ADAM and he didn't care what happened to me. I asked for details about the loan and he couldn't give any. Finally, I took his number and said I would get back with him by the 3pm deadline.

I called the State Attorney Office in my county(I live in Florida) and they ran my name in the database and nothing was there. When I said that it was a payday loan with a postdated check, I was told that they wouldn't prosecute anyway. I called back to 800-201-0565 x 243 and spoke with Jim King yet again. I told him that I needed his address to request disclore regarding the loan and the fees (amount was $500 more than originally set up).

He refused saying that I had his phone number. I said I needed to send a certified letter and he said no, he would just make his recommendation for the warrant. I was like, I thought they would be coming to my job or my home this evening? He got angry and started talking about me being a bad person for not paying my bills.

I told him again - I paid this back in November. I do not even have that account anymore and have no outstanding payday loans. Anyway- long story short- this place is a crock.

I am going to research to find the original creditor to see what is really going on. If I truly did not pay them, then I will make restitution but under no circumstances will I give these unruly people any money.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #21579

Im not sure if you can help. But i recieved a call from these people at work.

I have a severe disability and a single mom. They called me and scared the *** out of me and told me i was going to jail at 2pm. At first i did not believe them but then they mentioned my boss's name and place of business and that our local police was comming there to arrest me. i was so upset.

i borrowed against my future paycheck @ the amount of 640.00 and went to money gram like they said and made the payment as i said i was so shook up and scared. when i tried to call them back they would not let me talk to the person i originally talked with and then made fun of me and said very rude things. now they won't even talk to me. i can't get a reciept of the transfer and they keep hanging up on me.

i have contacted money gram who said that they were going to report this company for fraudulently representing a law firm. what are my options here i will not have money for me and my children now for the next two weeks. This company won't talk nor cofirm anything. and further more the company they said that they were representing said that my loan is going to stay in default because the money does not go to them at all.

please help.... :cry

Mount Vernon, Oregon, United States #18364

My best friend called me to let me know this company was trying to get a hold of me. Now mind you, they have my work AND cell number, but they haven't called either until the same day they called her......then they only called my work and left a message.

Brenda Blair, extension 276, stating this was her final time of trying to contact me (which they have NEVER contacted me) and wished me good luck. This has been over a week ago. There was no threats, but after reading several things, I think I will send them a letter. From the sounds of it, there will be threats and I don't have the patience right now.

If you have any suggestions, I would be glad to hear them. Am I going about this the right way?

I want to pay off this debt, but I don't have the money to pay all at once..Thanks!! G

Gubkin, Belgorod, Russian Federation #16812

I too was contacted today by this company,same number ;1800-201-0565 extension 236 instead of 245.And at my job these peaople were very nasty also . I would like to know if I can report them and where .I live in Columbus Ohio ! Help anyone !


Conneaut Lakeshore, Pennsylvania, United States #12545

I received a call this afternoon 5.16.08 and was told basically that I would be put in jail. This is on a paday loan.

I told him that I thought it had been paid in full he stated that I needed to send a good faith payment of $120.00 and gather my receipts and that he would call me back on Monday. Then I asked him why he did not give me the mini miranda rights and asked why he did not tell me this was an attempt to collect a debt. Needless to say he got pissed.

I contacted an attorney friend of mine and he advised me to get the detail of the debt in writing so I called the 1-800-201-0565 X245 back and got a different person who became extremely pissed and told me to just forget the $120. and that a recommendation for them to put me in jail would be made.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #12196

Hi, I too was told I had until 12pm local time to pay this debt I owed or would be arrested. Funny thing though, my husband called them back and they threatend to file harrassment against him for calling them.

If we're not to call back why leave a call back number? This company gave me a supossedly court number that my husband checked and found out it didnt exsist. They are he found out violating several laws in our state plus federal laws.

If you have any trouble with this company call your state attorney general and file a complaint against them. this way enough states get complaints against them they will be shut down.

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