Some woman named Doris Danials called me yesterday and told me they were a legal firm and if I didn't pay $270.00 by 6:00 they would make a decision about my so-called case. She told me I could send a money gram to a location in SacramentoCA, which is where I live.

But she was calling from 904-387-3187 ext 266. That sounded fishy to me and after I googled them I saw that they were a collection agency mis representing themselves. I typed up a letter telling I knew that what she was doing was illegal.

I faxed to her and I also sent two letters by certified mail to them telling them not to call my place of employment and not to contact any thrid parties. I also asked for them to send me information about the creditor.

I gave them my email address and home address for correspondance. I wonder if they will be dumb enough to email me!

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